September 7, 2008


One cannot resist having Modaks during Ganesh festival days. Although my preferred variety is the Ukdiche modak, I prepared Talniche as its lot easier and does not need a steaming vessel.

1 cup dried coconut
½ cup yellow jaggery
1 tsp cardamom powder
oil for frying
1 cup Maida


1. Make a dough of Maida. Its consistency should be like puri dough.
2. Divide it in to 10-15 pieces and make a small puri of each piece.
3. In one bowl make mixture of coconut , cardamom powder & jaggery.
4. Grease palm with oil, take one puri on hand, fill a spoonful mixture at center of puri.
5. Gather outer edges of puri & make a modak of it. Repeat the procedure for all puri.
6. Deep fry in oil.
7. Serve hot with ghee (toop) on it (Ideally serve only after showing Naivedya to Ganpati Bappa).
Serves: Makes 10-15 modaks

Preparation Time: 30 min

1. You can use the Modak Mould to give perfect modak shape.
2. Ideally make 21 or 11 modaks if you are planning to put it as Naivedya

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