June 11, 2010

Aluchi Pattal Bhaji (Colocasia Leaves Curry)

Aluchi Bhaji is a traditional Maharashtrian dish and one of the typical item in wedding or festive menus. It is made from Colocasia leaves. Colocasia leaves are not usually available here in Portsmouth, but on one lucky day I got them and decided to cook this close-to=heart recipe. Note, if colocasia leaves are not available in your area, don’t get disheartened. One work around is use spinach and it will take you closer to the actual Alu chi bhaji. As the bhaji comes close to cooking, it starts making noise sounding ‘fad-fad-fad’ hence, its is also called as Alu che fadfade (आलूचे फदफदे).


Aluchi Pattal Bhaji 006


7-8 medium sized colocasia leaves (alu chi pane)

1 cup chana dal and raw peanuts mixed together

4 tbsp gram flour (besan)

4 tbsp tamarind juice

1/2 cup jaggery

2 tsp goda masala

Salt to taste

Water according to the consistency required


For tempering:

2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 tsp mustard seeds

1 tsp asafortida

4-5 curry leaves

2-3 green chillies finely chopped



  1. Soak a cup full of chana dal and raw peanuts in water for 4-5 hours.
  2. Wash the colocasia leaves thoroughly and chop them very finely.
  3. In a cooker pan, add chopped leaves and some water. In another pan, add soaked chana dal & peanutes. Steam it in pressure cooker taking 3 whistles and then standing for 10 min.
  4. Once the steamed leaves cool down, mash it well (घोटणे) and add gram flour to it. Mix well avoiding lumps.
  5. Heat oil in a pan, add all ingredients given under tempering. Once the mustard seeds start spluttering, add the steamed chana dal & peanuts and mashed leaves mixture.
  6. Then add remaining ingredients – tamarind juice, jaggery, goda masala, salt. Mix well.
  7. Add water to adjust the desired consistency. This dish (as the name suggests) is loose in consistency. Hence add enough water.
  8. Bring it to boil, at this point it will start making fad-fad sound.
  9. Bring it off flame and serve hot with chapati or bhakri.
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Anonymous said...


Could you kindly add a snap of the green leaf used In this dish. The one shown in wiki is scary..

Anonymous said...

hi thanks for sharing the recipe. I could give surprise to my mother! Her favourite alloo ch bhaji!

Anonymous said...

R u frm maharastra or elsewhere? It is nt scary,... It's so yammy just add good quantity of tamarind

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